Meet Nick


Sure - who is he?

Nick is a freelance journalist and editor who specialises in property, politics, tech and social affairs. His award-winning work appears in The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, The Evening Standard, GQ magazine, Prospect Magazine, Inside Housing and Property Week. 

What kind of thing does he do?

Nick specialises in investigations and long form features. He is best known for his reporting of the UK housing market. However, he has also covered politics (central and local government), tech, sustainability, finance, and lifestyle. Whatever the topic, he makes the technical accessible and human through compelling story telling.

Is he any good?

You can make up your own mind by reading Nick's work here. Or you can check out his trophy cabinet: he consistently wins national journalism awards (from the PPA, the IBP, LSL and City University) for telling original stories in truly original ways. To this end Nick has: fasted from dawn to dusk for three weeks, sent Freedom of Information Requests to every UK council to reveal the number of haunted council houses, learned Israeli street fighting techniques, joined police on a Glaswegian heroin raid, stalked Russell Brand, and traveled from the boardrooms of Icelandic banks to the favelas of Brazil. He is game for most challenges, so if you would like to discuss a commission please do get in touch.

Does he only do words?

Nick works as an Editor and Content Strategist at Redwood - the world's leading content agency. His job is to identify audience needs, and then pick out the right stories to tell at the right time in the right format, in the right channel. He has extensive experience across a range of digital and print formats to a wide range of audiences (B2C and B2B). Along the way, has built immersive micro-sites, videos, chatbots, GIFs, social stories and interactive tools. He even developed an IOS mobile app (a group dating app called Teem). Nick is an experienced commentator on radio and TV - usually to discuss the failings of the UK housing market. He is also on the board of the International Building Press and chair of their Futures Group, laying on popular talks for journalists.

What's his story?

Fresh out of journalism school at City University, Nick kicked off his career as a business hack at trade magazine Property Week where he reported on commercial property finance from in the teeth of the 2008 property crash. He then spent six years scrutinising housing and welfare policy at leading weekly business title Inside Housing. There he ran the news desk, establishing a reputation for landing major scoops and producing hard-hitting long-form investigations on topics ranging from homelessness and radical extremism through to the impact of welfare cuts. Later, as Executive Editor, he led on digital development and content strategy pushing the title to experiment with innovative formats. Today, Nick is employed by Redwood, the world's leading content agency, and also works as a freelance journalist. 

Does he work with brands?

Where there is no conflict of interest, Nick is happy to speak with corporate clients. His day job entails working with brands to develop content strategies that enable them to tell stories that will engage and influence. Curious about what this actually means? Click here. Or, even better, get in touch.